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Gray Matter builds AI-enhanced software companies and projects from scratch

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We aim to empower people and organizations to reach great heights through AI.


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Kwadwo Adu



Software Engineer


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Software Engineer

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Gray Matter is a nimble and efficient company founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2023.

Gray Matter was founded in Copenhagen as a collaboration between Kwadwo Adu and Morph.VC.

At Gray Matter, we're all about pushing boundaries and breaking the mold. Our team consists of passionate people based in Argentina, Denmark, Portugal, and Spain working together in a remote environment, focusing on transforming ideas into powerful B2B SaaS solutions. We're guided by the principle of constant learning, fueling our work with creativity and mutual growth.

Collaborative ideation

Collaborative Ideation

Pollux collaborates with startups on ideation to fuel innovation, helping them develop unique solutions and stand out in their industries.

Product Refinement and Market Fit

Product Refinement and Market Fit

Pollux helps startups refine their products and market fit to better position themselves for success and growth.

Growth and Expansion Support

Growth and Expansion Support

Pollux supports the growth and expansion of startups by providing guidance and resources to scale businesses and achieve goals.

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